Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bob McDonnell Kicks Off Campaign

Yesterday Bob McDonnell kicked off his campaign for Governor. Also speaking at the Rally at Princess Anne High School were Randy Forbes and Bill Bolling. Bearing Drift has excellent coverage; however, as a Blogger for McDonnell, I'd be remiss not to put up a post on it.

I ran into a few people I hadn't seen in awhile. Also, quite a few members of the Virginia Beach City Council were there: Glenn Davis, Rosemary Wilson, Louis Jones, Ron Villanueva, and John Uhrin.

The most intriguing sight of the day: someone wearing a "Huckabee/Palin 2012" t-shirt. (Where do I get one?)

Both Bolling and McDonnell gave great speeches. The focus of McDonnell's campaign is going to be jobs. That wins on two levels: it's especially hot button in this economy, and the Demonrats can never beat Republicans on jobs creation.

This campaign is Bob McDonnell's to lose. Fun fact: since 1977, the party holding the White House has lost the Virginia Governor's race.

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