Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Should Ken Stolle Run For Sheriff?

52% of you back government funding of the Arts. Personally, I believe most Art is frivolous.

The new question: should Ken Stolle run for Sheriff?


Anonymous said...

Well, he certainly is qualified for the job although he seems to be a lot more influential where he is. He is a great Senator and I expect he would be a good Sheriff.

If he runs, I will support him.

Michael Ragsdale said...

Come to a respected class AAAAA High School Marching Band (AAAAA means 150 students or more in the program) and say that about the arts

You should be ran out of town for that

Anonymous said...

Both my brother and I were in Marching Band at Kempsville High and wouldn't trade the experience for anything

How dare you consider the arts frivolous! Michael's right: us band dorks would run you out of town for that

Anonymous said...

How DARE you call arts frivolous!?

My brother and sister are proud of our four years in the Tallwood Band Program

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Signed: Amanda, Brandon, and Jessica Reynolds

Anonymous said...

I was in Choir all throughout high school and I knew people who were in Band or Orchestra and I would not trade my choir experiences for anything; that was where some of my best memories were.

Anonymous said...

You Angel really need to watch Mr. Holland's Opus or read up on VH1's Save the Music then you'll understand why we're all angry with you

Anonymous said...

Stolle running for sheriff starts the musical chairs game...does Rosemary Wilson run for his senate seat? If so, who is appointed to replace her?

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 7:05,

If Rosemary runs, I've never been a member of her Fan Club. However, I think she can do less damage to the residents of Virginia Beach in the Senate than on Council.

Who gets the appointment? Noe one has an idea yet, but it's bound to be fun.

Anonymous said...

OK, add into the mix Villaneuva running for Mathieson's seat and Dyer running for Tata's seat (if he retires). That's a lot of appointments!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of permutations!

1. Stolle would need to win the sheriff race, which may be questionable since he will probably be contested in both a primary and a general.

2. Villanueva would have to beat an incumbent in a democratic district.

3. Tata has been retiring for the past three terms now.

Anonymous said...

Doubtful that Stolle will have any credible challengers in a primary or a general.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 9:09,

Last year Bob Tata indicated that he'd run for reelection in 2009.

Anon 2:46,

Villanueva is, above all things, ambitious. I can't see him waiting much longer to move up above City Council.

Dick Patt the Southern Diplomat said...

I believe sheriffs should be appointed and reconfirmed by either state or locality!!!