Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friday's Meltdown

On Friday, Bishop Willis' funeral procession caused major disruptions in bus service in South Hampton Roads, especially Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) failure to do adequate preplanning and enact countermeasures meant buses were off - if running at all - most of Friday afternoon. Michael Ragsdale covers the story on HR Transit Ideas

Michael and I came up with the route modifications in about ten minutes on the phone. If we could do it that quick, why didn't the professionals at HRT act? Kudos to trolley base for detouring their two impacted routes (Routes 25 and 27). However, Central Dispatch fiddled in their Hampton office while Southside operations went to meltdown. Excuse me, but an occasional announcement over the ACS doesn't make up for not getting people where they needed to be.

At my home stop I dealt with a young lady who had been waiting over a half hour before I arrived and told her what was going on. At Pembroke East I saw Operators improvising to try to get back on schedule. It was a mess, and HRT needs to do a full assessment to learn lessons for future occurrences.

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