Tuesday, February 10, 2009

VBCC WSPM 2009 Day 2

Today the Virginia Beach City Council held the second day of it's Winter Strategic Planning Meeting. Normally the Winter session is one day, but this year's format required two.

With the Budget needing to be cut, each operating department chief was marched to the hot seat to defend his fiefdom. The programs under each department were prioritized internally on perceived need, and Council members asked questions and made comments.

Two important dates coming up. On February 24, the City Assessor will give his annual report. On March 24 the draft Budget is scheduled to be released.

The fun part of the day was under the City Attorney's office. Ron Villanueva commanded an "All Rise" for soon-to-be-judge Les Lilley. Having called himself Council's "catcher", he was given a baseball glove and a softball signed by all 11 Council members.

It is hoped that the input of the past two days will aid Council in cutting the Budget.

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