Thursday, February 19, 2009

Corridor 11

65% of you who voted have a MySpace or Facebook account. I now might have to look at getting one myself.

The new question is on Corridor 11 in the draft Regional Transit Vision Plan. 11 runs from downtown Newport News to Lightfoot. The draft calls for commuter rail along the CSX tracks there in the mid-range, with both commuter rail and light rail in the long term. Is that redundant, or does it make more sense to you than me?

(Hehe...did I throw you for a loop with a Peninsula question?)


Anonymous said...

Facebook is the way to go. real easy to set up.

Michael Ragsdale said...

I have both. But, stick to Facebook for the mature crowds. MySpace is for the teens/tweens. I hardly ever login to MySpace

thesh00ter said...

(Hehe...did I throw you for a loop with a Peninsula question?)

well it's about time, i thought u forgot about us ; )

Jessica Blaine said...

Light Rail/Commuter Rail: Why would you do both? Where exactly is Light Foot?

Michael: on your new blog...I don't have an email address (not even a Yahoo freebie). Can you the email address requirement?

Avenging Archangel said...


Lightfoot is just on the other side of Williamsburg.

You'd do both because you could express the commuter trains at rush hour. As Michael & I discussed last night, it would be similiar to the 20 vs. 960.

Hope to see you (and everyone else) at the Vision Plan meeting on Tuesday.

thesh00ter said...

would i be a hypocrite if i didn't ride the bus? : (

Michael Ragsdale said...

Shooter: Yes ;)
Jessica: If you're asking me to remove the email address requirement on my blog, sorry no can do. It's a feature of WordPress. Go on and sign up for a freebie (the big three are Hotmail, Yahoo, and GMail). Email addresses are never visible to anyone except me.