Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If You Support Light Rail, Become A Republican State Convention Delegate

Yes, there's a connection between the two. The only member of the General Assembly to vote against Bob Tata's light rail for Virginia Beach bill was Ken Cuccinelli. The same Cuccinelli who is seeking the Republican nomination for Attorney General. The nomination will come at (you guessed it) the Republican State Convention in Richmond on May 29 & 30. (The AG vote most likely will be on the 30th.)

When I e-mailed Cooch's office for an explanation, the reply I got from an aide was that he favors Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), not liking fixed-rail systems. It may only be AG this time, but AG is usually a stepping stone to Governor. (Ask Jim Gilmore and Bob McDonnell.) Cuccinelli in the Governor's Mansion would be a crippling blow to Hampton Roads' mass transit future! We need to launch a preemptive strike in May, stopping Cuccinelli now.

In Virginia Beach, the deadline to file as a delegate is Noon on March 2. In other Virginia localities, check with your local Republican unit committee. I plan to go to Richmond as a Brownlee delegate.


thesh00ter said...

i don't get it. if he's a Republican, why would it be a good idea to become a Republican state convention del.?

Avenging Archangel said...

The idea is to push the AG nomination to one of his challengers.

Unknown said...

Shouldn't you find out the position of those challengers before you publicly call for people to support them?

Avenging Archangel said...

I've e-mailed Brownlee but never got a response.

Anonymous said...

Avenging Archangel:

If you partake in a partisan primary, shouldn't you be honor bound to support the candidate that prevails? Isn't that the consession one makes as a member of a political party? Hence, once the slate is selected, you support the ticket, irrespective of the issues?

I guess what I'm asking, if you partcipate as a delegate in he Republican convention, would you then support KC in the general election if he succeeds in acquiring the nomination?

Unknown said...

The post by BK is not by me.