Thursday, February 19, 2009

Transit Advocates Demand Quality

Earlier this evening I e-mailed Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) my fifth Incident Report (i.e. CAF) in eight days. Someone has got to help clean up operational problems at HRT.

My point in bringing it up? If you listen to the Green Reednuts of the world, you'd believe transit users are "freeloaders" who simply want to throw large quantities of money into a black hole. First, no one knows the shortcomings of our current service better than those who actually ride it. Second, the astute riders realize we won't muster public support for increased service until we start cleaning up what's already out there.

Things are already rolling at HRT Operations. Homer Carter was brought in as Senior Vice President of Operations about a year ago and has been cleaning house. First, separate dispatch offices were combined into Central Dispatch. Second. the Customer Service Manager, Southside Operations Superintendent, and Southside Maintenance chief (among others) have been relieved of their duties during that period. Homer isn't taking prisoners! Third, there's an ongoing effort to augment ridership participation in policing the system. Folks, we probably can turn this supertanker.


Michael Ragsdale said...

Dispatch Clarification:

18th Street & Trolley Base still have dispatchers. 18th St until 7:30 PM and only for something that needs a Southside person (not done commonly anymore). Trolley drivers (but they are really getting on the Central bandwagon, it's been ages since I've heard a driver contact "Beach Dispatch", usually only if they need a replacement bus)

Anonymous said...

"Freeloaders" Not exactly, but pretty close. Since HRT operates at a 81% government funded to 21% ridership funded, it is not exactly "free". Then again, considering the majority of the ridership receives governmental assistance it just might be free.

Anonymous said...

81% to 29%

Sri BK

Avenging Archangel said...

Actually it's currently about 71-72%. The national standard is 70%.

Where did you get the statistic that a majority of riders are receiving governmental assistance?

Anonymous said...

Uh-Oh, I can't add or subtract :); but hey, I'm a wiz at differentials.
The actually numbers should be available from HRT as part of the rider fee determination and governmental support process criteria.

Where's your answer to the AG thing?