Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Greenmun Named VBTA Chairman

Reid Greenmun has been named Chairman of the extremist Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA). John Moss stepped down from the post, in part wanting to try to distance himself from the nutcases prior to his latest City Council run. (Too late for that, John.)

Two very serious problems with that. First, Reid is the biggest political extremist in Virginia Beach. He regularly takes personal positions that are even to the right of the VBTA. Therefore, expect the VBTA to become even more radical. Second, the guy has zero grasp of reality. He habitually floats proposals that are either blatantly illegal or politically DOA.

Reid's political roots in Virginia Beach are every bit as fringe as the VBTA. He worked on Mike Arsuaga's 2000 Mayoral campaign, and was Barbara Messner's sidekick in the 31st Street park movement. Greenmun drafted the By-Laws that Messner wanted for the original 31st Street group. When they were voted down, both Greenmun and Messner left the original group, unable to accept majority rule.

It reminds me of the Spanish Civil War. With the Republicans about to lose the war, the Stalinists staged a coup. If they were going to lose, at least they wanted to go down ideologically pure. The VBTA will go down the tubes in a similar manner.

The bottom line: Greenmun's promotion ensures the demise of the VBTA


Anonymous said...

Did April Fools Day come early, or did the biggest loony of the loony bin get named chairman?

Anonymous said...

I think a better headline for this post would be "Who Cares?"

The VBTA ceased being relevant a while back. Teaming with the Tea Party did them no good in 2010.

And if anyone thinks Moss is "distanced" from the VBTA, then they just need to listen to him speak.

Anonymous said...

Moss needs to learn the definition of "No" apparently.

Teabaggers Choice, Teabaggers Voice

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 6:50,

It ain't April 1. "You can't stop stupid."

Anon 10:03,

Moss wants to create the appearance of a distance, which we all know is a mirage.

Watching the VBTA implode has its own sadistic entertainment value.

Why care? If the eunuchs on City Council punt light rail to referendum (as it appears they will), the condition of the VBTA becomes a major issue. We know they can't raise a cent, and have far too few volunteers.

However, I make a habit of reading Reid's online rants (as nauseating as they can be) to try to anticipate what the VBTA's "No" message in a referendum campaign would sound like.