Thursday, July 28, 2011 Shucet Interview did an interview last week with Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) President Phillip Shucet, which they posted to their website yesterday. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Take Philip to the Airport!!! On the bus too!!

Yeah, that means taking the 15 to Military & Noreview and hiking it.


* 19th & Pacific (Virginia Beach Dome Station)
* Town Center (Dick's Garage to fulfill Federal park & ride requirement, dumping Silverleaf?) ^
* Newtown Station
* Noreview Ave & Military Hwy
* Noreview Ave & Azalea Garden (optional, doubt it would get ridership)
* ORF Airport

^ I would come up Independence and clockwise loop RIGHT VB Blvd, RIGHT Constitution, RIGHT Columbus, LEFT Independence, REENTER 264 for both directions, serve existing outbound 36 stops, with a shelter or two at the foot of Dick's Skybridge, to denote the park & ride shelter - a TVM there maybe?)