Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Want Substance, Rosemary

62% believe that Rosemary Wilson speaks with the least substance of any Virginia Beach City Councilman, with 37% giving Bill DeSteph that tag.

I agree. I've said half-jokingly before that Rosemary couldn't give you three substantive minutes on an issue if staff wrote it for her. In comparison, John Uhrin was pretty much two-note (Resort Area and Norfolk Southern Corridor) when he first came on Council, but within a couple years was articulate on most everything.

The new poll question: what do you estimate voter turnout will be this November in Virginia Beach? The only announced General Assembly challenge is Adrianne Bennett against Ron Villanueva in the 21st House of Delegates District, plus there's the City Council special election for the remaining three years on Rita Sweet Bellitto's term.

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