Thursday, April 29, 2010

TPPC April 29, 2010

This morning the Transportation, Parking, and Pedestrian Committee (TPPC) of Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met in an unusually long session. TPPC normally is out in no more than 70 minutes, but today the meeting went nearly 2 hours.

There was an update on the Form-Based Zoning process for the Resort Area. The draft code was originally scheduled to be out tomorrow. Not only will that be delayed, but additions on parking policy may push it back considerably.

Interest is there in pushing forward with a Resort Area Master Transportation Plan, an item recommended in the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan. City Transportation Staff will be invited to the TPPC's May 27 meeting to cover the issue.

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) senior Staff was there to go over VB Wave issues. Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), multiday Shuttle passes, and faremedia sales in general were discussed.

Speaking of the VB Wave, seasonal service on Atlantic Avenue (Route 30) begins Saturday morning at 8 A.M. Routes 31 & 32 start on May 23.

The possibility of using LED lighting within the Laskin Gateway Project was talked about. There were questions both as to whether it was the correct option and as to what size foot candles would be used.

Informal talks are ongoing on the possibility of bringing pedicab service to the Resort Area (as a pilot project) during the Summer of 2011.

The TPPC discussed parking fee changes for the Resort Area that are being considered by City Council within deliberations on the FY 2011 Budget.

Finally, the TPPC was presented a rough outline of a proposal by a developer to do a parking space swap with the City. Not only was the item not on the meeting agenda, but only the vague outline was available and there were questions as to the legality of part of the proposal. Therefore, the TPPC deferred action on the matter.

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