Saturday, April 3, 2010

RAC April 1, 2010

Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met on Thursday afternoon. The meeting lasted just over an hour.

The RAC reviewed the strategic priorities it had voted out at it's March meeting. Consideration was given to adding Homeless Behavior to the list, which had only received one vote in March. In the end, as it was deemed the RAC would act on the measure anyway, the priorities list was not amended. The funny part is that there were two votes on the priorities. Combine that with March's meeting vote, and the RAC voted out the same list three times. (Go figure.)

The Plan/Design Review Committee (PDRC) has plenty on their plate. First, JT's Grommet Island Park is now under construction, with a tentative opening date of May 22. Second, the Roland Court Theater building is literally falling apart, with barricades placed on the north side of 17th Street to keep pedestrians away. With that a high traffic area, obviously the matter must be tackled before the season opens. There will be an attempt to devise a plan; if not, the building itself may decide the matter. Third, a nationally recognized firm (Walker) is being brought in to look at the Resort Area parking situation in the context of the redevelopment envisioned there. Fourth, two outdoor cafes have requested modifications of their permits.

The issue of multiday farecards for the VB Wave came to the full RAC. RAC/TPPC Chairman Preston Midgett not only raised the issue of a Shuttle 3 Day pass, but now was pushing a Shuttle 5 Day.

In light of the Obama Administration, on the previous day, not halting the process towards Virginia offshore drilling, the RAC discussed the issue. First, the RAC felt it needed more information in three areas before taking a position: the impact on Navy operations, the environmental issues with bringing energy ashore, and the economic impact on Virginia Beach. Second, some felt the RAC needs to take a "Maybe" position, then try to leverage it for a seat at the table in drafting any offshore plan.

Finally, Bobby Melatti is scheduled to come before the RAC at it's May 6 meeting to give a Presentation on this Summer's Resort Area events.

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