Monday, April 27, 2009

Messnerism-Greenmunism Is Alive And Insane

Yesterday's Virginian-Pravda brought us an article on City Staff's move to divert money from Seaboard Road to 31st Street.

The comments are plentiful. Scroll down and you'll find Reid Greenmun's on Sunday at 6:44 A.M. The Chairman of The Laughingstock Party (TLP),er-Tidewater Libertarian Party and Transportation Chairman of the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) ends with "We need John Moss, not Will $e$$om$."

1. Someone needs to remind Reid that the election was on November 4 and that Sessoms won. In fact Will Sessoms (74,386) got more than 2 1/2 times as many votes as John Moss (29,528).
That Reid refuses to accept the election result nearly six months later is telling.

Then, he has a history of refusing to accept votes that don't go his way: the original 31st Street group rejecting his draft By-Laws in 2000, the CCO endorsing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in 2005, etc. The same Reid Greenmun who clamors for a referendum on virtually everything is the first to disparage a vote that he loses.

2. Note that he spells Sessoms' last name with dollar signs replacing the "S"s. That tactic was first used by Barbara Messner on Talknet. Yes, the same Messner that Greenmun was allied with in splitting the 31st Street Park movement. Further proof that Messner and Greenmun are effectively one in the same. Messner + Greenmun = Marx + Engels.


Anonymous said...

Why waste your breath on Greenmun? He is as irrelevant as the rest of the VBTA. They are imploding on themselves and we can all sit back and watch.

Avenging Archangel said...

"Why waste your breath on Greenmun?"

It's fun. :)

Anonymous said...

actually, using Reid's logic, 85% of the voters were wrong since Moss only got 15% of the vote.

We are so lucky to have someone as gifted as him to point out how wrong the overwhelming majority of the voters are.

Get it through your head: the days of Moss & Dean in politics are over.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 6:45:

You hit at a point. One the one hand, Greenmun thinks the voters are too stupid to choose Councilmen. On the other hand, he wants to load the ballot with referendum questions for those very same voters.

Then, Messnerism-Greenmunism is full of contradictions.