Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jeff Frederick Removed As RPV Chairman

Yesterday afternoon the Republican State Central Committee removed Chairman Jeff Frederick by a 57-18 vote.

My two cents worth: I'm glad Frederick is gone and the bloodshed over. What Frederick didn't seem to get is that the Chairman's primary duty for the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is to be chief fundraiser, not chief ideologue. In addition, 3 Virginia Republican House of Representatives lost their Congressional seats last November, the worst record in the country.

On Facebook I've joined the group "Draft George Allen as RPV Chair." George is not only capable, but the best consensus candidate available. We need to unify the RPV behind the new Chairman and push on to wins this November.


JeffConn said...

If George Allen is the best candidate available, then the RPV is in horrible shape. Trading the guy who said that Obama has "friends that bombed the Pentagon" for the Confederate flag loving Mister Macaca is a surefire way to keep the Virginia Republican party a statewide minority party and a national joke.

Avenging Archangel said...


If you threw out everyone who loved the Confederate flag, you'd have a party too small to win in Virginia.