Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bob O'Connor Named CVB Director

Virginia Beach City Manager Jim Spore today named Bob O'Connor as the new Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). O'Connor replaces the retiring Jim Ricketts. Spore elaborated, "Bob's 4,000 page Investigative Report on the Resort Area shows that he's more knowledgeable than anyone else on Tourism policy. Therefore, he's a natural pick for the job."

Bob O'Connor was elated at the appointment, "I plan to decimate Virginia Beach's Tourism industry like I destroyed CACI. First, the VBTA Board of Directors will replace the RAC as the Tourism policy advisory board of Virginia Beach. The VBTA has never met a Resort Area project that it didn't hate. Second, the Virginia Aquarium will be converted into an institution for the study and worship of Robert Dean. Finally, the Gift of Tourism Campaign will be replaced by the Gift of Bob O'Connor Campaign. Residents prefer my blathering to facts any day."

When asked if such policies would destroy the fiscal dividend the City receives from Tourism, Bob snarled, "The only dividend I care about is the paycheck I'll now be receiving from the City."
When asked whether or not City Council and Staff couldn't keep the Tourism industry afloat, O'Connor replied "I've always opposed each and every City initiative. I won't change now. Whatever that want, I'll reject."


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this post has as much popularity as Bob's rants on VNS

Avenging Archangel said...

It does have some popularity - at CVB no less.

After today's RAC meeting (which I'll post on later) two CVB Staffers seperately came over and told me what a laugh they got out of it.