Sunday, April 19, 2009

Featured In Today's V-P

My post two previous was (largely) reprinted in today's edition of The Virginian-Pravda. Since the blog name was printed, we might be getting some new readers. A quick introduction for any newbies.

The blog Avenging Archangel isn't meant to be everything; it's a niche blog. Here you'll find some things you won't anywhere else on the Internet. With write-ups from RAC, TDCHR, and TPO meetings, you can get news here you can't get elsewhere. I then toss in some personal opinions and fun stuff. In addition, I run polls to give the blog an interactive dimension.

I've done everything myself since the beginning. Last Fall I tried to recruit additional posters from among the volunteers on the Georgia Allen and Andrew Jackson campaigns for Virginia Beach City Council. No one joined, but the blog program does give me the ability to add additional posters in the future. My goal is to average a minimum one post every two days, a pace I'm well ahead of this month.

I'm a Republican who backed Mike Huckabee for President and Bob Marshall for U.S. Senate last year. Given my ties to the African-American community leadership, I'm a pro-inclusion urbanist on local and regional issues. I can drive status quoers and VBTAers nuts with the same post.


Adam said...

You say your Republican?

Defend these legislatures: (which the WP rightfully goes after)

Avenging Archangel said...

I tried the address twice; the site told me the page has been moved or is no longer available.

Writer said...


Are you kidding!!

The House of Delegates GOP rejects a MEASLEY $125 million in favor of stopping a tax increase on businesses of all stripes in just two years.

This is an example of good governance. I am proud they rejected a poorly written bill and were able to withstand the childish populism that says anything the people want, they deserve.

By the way, we did accept 4 BILLION in Stimulus money.