Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 NFL Schedule Release

Last night were you watching the City Council meeting? I was having more fun: ESPN had a special on the NFL schedule release for the 2009 season. Some thoughts:

1. The "Life Isn't Fair" Award goes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They win the Super Bowl, then get the 4th easiest schedule in the league. (Only the three other NFC North teams that get to play the 0-16 Lions twice have easier schedules.)

2. My Ravens don't have to play the Steelers until Week 12.

I'm thinking about catching one of those charter bus tours to Baltimore for either the Bears or Lions game.

3. Think the VBTA is an embarrassment? Reid Greenmun's 2-14 Rams go to 0-16 Detroit in Week 8 in what should be the Lions first win in two seasons.

4. The Miami Dolphins have the most difficult schedule in the league.

5. In Week 15 former Eagle Brian Dawkins makes a return to Philadelphia. How do the notorious Philly fans treat the now-Bronco?

6. As for you Deadskins fans, who cares? Dan Snyder will inevitably screw up your team anyway.

There's great schedule coverage this morning on the NFL's website at

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