Thursday, December 4, 2008

RAC December 4, 2008

Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met Thursday in what was a brief 35 minute session.

The Plan/Design Review Committee (PDRC) reported on two building proposals on Laskin Road. Both involve demolishing existing structures to build new restaurants. The hitch is that both involve drive-thru windows, which the City's planning documents want to eliminate in the Resort Area. That produced a lively discussion at the PDRC.

Councilman John Uhrin, Council's Liaison to the RAC, spoke on City Council adopting the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan on Tuesday night. It passed Council 10-1, with the lone "No" vote by (you guessed it) Reba McClanan.

The RAC endorsed a proposal for multipurpose sports facilities at Sportsplex. CCO RAC representative Henry Ryto cast the only "No" vote. As a former high school soccer player, Ryto refused to endorse a plan that would put artificial turf on all soccer fields, including the existing Sportsplex pitch. It enacted quickly by City Council, the field house could be open as early as November, 2009.

All RAC committees were asked to brainstorm strategic priorities for 2009.


Anonymous said...

No drive-thu windows: This wouldn't include, say, the Burger King on Laskin I hope?

Anonymous said...

We (my brother and I) made the decision: we're back. We now live in Ghent off Hampton Blvd (I love that 2 schedule). Yes we know better than to try to catch the bus during rush hour (knowing the Tunnel).

You say Portsmouth wants light rail in the new Tunnel? Yes, we support tolls.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 10:18,

It does include it. The BK owners want to build a new restaurant on the same property.

1. A drive-thru would require a Conditional Use Permir (CUP).

2. The planned 32nd Street cut-through would come out to Laskin on the neighboring property. The ensuing stump lot and the BK property could be combined for a development opportunity.

The other project is that someone wants to build a Dunkin' Donuts on the former dry cleaning/Worrell's property.

Anonymous said...

If they're simply building a new BK then I'm all for it. That's my breakfast on the way to work