Friday, December 26, 2008

VBTA: The Song

With Christmas over, how about a song on everyone's favorite bunch of idiots? Sung to the tune of The Village People's YMCA (fitting for the VBTGay):

Doofus, you can do politics
They think, doofus, smarts are for heretics
Simple, doofus, positions they'll tell you
Dean will tell you what to believe

Doofus, they're on an insane spree;
Reid says, doofus, all's a conspiracy.
They've yet to win a City Council race
In the 21st Century

Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA
Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA

No need to be constructive or honest,
You are there simply to complain.

Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA
Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA

They're never constructive, they're never realistic, it's all about being extreme.

Doofus, don't you want to be extreme?
Don't you, doofus, know kooks hate liberty?
Join them, doofus, no thinking for yourself,
You'll be ordered to parrot them!

They let no one think for himself;
Once there, doofus, put your brain on the shelf.
Check your manhood for the VBTA;
They'll make you a cultist today.

Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA
Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA

No need to be constructive or honest,
You are there simply to complain.

Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA
Drink the Kool-Aid for the VBTA

They're never constructive, they're never realistic, it's all about bring extreme.

Doofus, they have a theory:
Hampton Roads is one big conspiracy!
Never a solution for anything;
They simply oppose everything.

You can pretend to do something.
Once there, doofus, you can claim to belong.
An extremist cult the VBTA,
So much time spent doing nothing.

Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA
Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA

No need to be constructive or honest,
You are there simply to complain.

Drink the Kool-Aid at the VBTA
Doofus, doofus belong to a group
Doofus, doofus accomplishing nothing

Sane people hate the VBTA
Doofus, doofus you can yell all you want
Doofus, doofus be part of the anti-conspiracy


Anonymous said...

Thanks Henry

See Reid spewing flames in 3...2...1...

Michael Ragsdale said...
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Anonymous said...

It is quite refreshing that the opposition to the VBTA is easily ammused with childish ditties. Krrp it up. It will surely enhance your credibility.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 4:43,

No, just a sense of humor, which helps when the VBTA releases it's occassional rant.

As for credibility, the VBTA itself has none.

Anonymous said...


Avenging Archangel said...

"Yawn" is the response by:

A. the City when the VBTA sends it "Statements".

B. the public over the VBTA's conspiracy theories

C. voters on VBTA City Council candidates

D. All of the above

Anonymous said...


If there was The Patch for Robert Dean's Kool-Aid...

Anonymous said...

absolutely hilarious! Thanks, this made my day. I am forwarding the link around, maybe you will get more hits!

Anonymous said...

Interesting enough it would appear that those who rely on free lunches would support any transit scheme that requires a nearly 80 percent taxpayer subsidy to operate.

It also appears that insufficient passenger fare hikes have been forthcoming in an effort to keep ridership artificially inflated. If the Norfolk light rail is such a great deal, why not pay for the cost overruns with HRT fare surcharges. Let the advocates who clammer for it, pay for it.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 3:46,

Read the Norfolk FFGA before putting your foot in your mouth: such a surcharge is specifically prohibited.

The national mix is 70/30. I think there are things HRT could do in LRT design (such as mixed use parking garages) to raise revenue so it isn't all tax subsidies covering the 70%. (Then, roads don't pay for themselves.)

That said, Norfolk already has a Federal grant to cover the first two years O & M.

Anonymous said...

Ahh. But roads are for commerce. The transfer of goods and services. People movement is just a by-product. Government was never meant to supply the modes of transportation.

If it was legislated (in FFTG) it can be unlegislated. After all, the cos are changing and so is the economy. nothing is ever fixed in cement, more like Jello. Put the project on hold. It's not must have.

Avenging Archangel said...


It's in Federal law. Know your chance of getting a Democratic Congress and President Obama to agree to that?

Anonymous said...

Gee - so what? If it is federal law that transit riders shouldn't be made to pay their fare share of the cost of services THEY advocate, doees that make is right?


Because "Federal law" has such unjust provisions passed by corrupt politicians that pander to certain "constituencies" and business backers simply serves to reveal the vast wastland of corruption found in transit related laws, policies, businesses, advcoates, and transit and developer organizations. It reveals the abysmal lack of moral, ethical, and just treatment for all taxpayers; while at the same time exposing the "Freeloader Class" for being the brash and unethical scam artists they truely are.

Anonymous said...

Get it?

"fare share"

We all see that the "fare share" isn't really the FAIR share.

The Freeloader Class make a mockery of the concept of "Social Justice" because they don't want "justice" - they want others to pay for the things THEY want.

Anonymous said...


As the VBTA Transportation Chairman, surely you have done your research and can share with all of us: which transit system, anywhere in the world, is not subsidized?

Anonymous said...

There was a time when the United States was the envy of the world. Now there is a poster that thinks we should follow the lead of "the rest of the world" very sad. no wonder we are going bankrupt!

Avenging Archangel said...

Notice Reid doesn't try to deny the Surcharge legal problem; he simply rants at it.

The Surcharge issue is a strawman. To take it seriously, you have to believe the Kool-Aid chuggers would suppport LRT if we could simply sucharge fares. They wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Henry, the original transit rail service in Virginia Beach was privately constructed, privately owned and it turned a profit.

For that matter, Lasking Road was constructed as a privately funded road that changed a toll to pay for its costs.

Those two projects are a model worthy of following. A model based on the free market and user pays.

The efforts of the Freeloader Class to abuse the powers of government to shift the burden for their transportation wants to taxpayers is nothing to pound your chest over - it is a disgrace that as a Republican you should be working hard to reverse.

So Henry, why is it that you feel others that who cannot or have no need to use the proposed light rail system should be forced to surrender the money that they earned to pay for other people that want to ride a light rail line constucted along the old NS ROW?

A proposed rail service that will have no meaningful impact on reducing traffic congestion on TR 264 - and - in some cases - will INCREASE traffic congestion on local streets at grade crossings and around the new taxpayer funded park & ride facilities?

You write about drinking Kool-aid.

The transit lobby advocates looking for massively taxpayer subsidized transit services are the poster children of Kool-aid drinkers.

When you bother to study the specifics of the EISs, the projection for population growth along the corridor, and the economics of the proposed project - to include the burdens of increased annual debt servicing on local, state, and federal budgets - when you read the details regarding the lack of impact on exisiting traffic congestion, when you objectively assess the retrun on investment to those targeted to pay for the the vast majority of the so-called "investment" (hint: its not the riders); non-transit Kool-aid drinkers realize that the proposed light rail system for the NS ROW into the Beach is a horrific waste of precious tax funds that will INCREASE the annual tax burden to taxpayers for as long as the system remains operational.

It is a bad "investment" for taxpayers.

Light Rail = Heavy Taxes.

The VBTA was right in 1999. And the citizens went to the ballot box and recorded their agreement.

Little has changed since then except the cost of constructing Light Rail has dramatically increased. The cost of property in Virginia Beach has dramatically increased as well.

So has the cost of salariesw and benefits for HRT employees - which is who will be hired to drive, operate, and maintain the proposed light rail system - along with its required feeder bus system.

To be sure, there are those special interests that will benefit from such a boondoggle.

But they aren't the people being targeted to pay for this taxpayer rip off.

Avenging Archangel said...


First of all, you ignore yesterday's anon question: what transit system in the world is there that is both privately owned nd unsubsidized?

As for more of your drivel:

1. The VBTA didn't exist in 1999.

2. The VBTA complains every time someone suggests tolling roads.

3. Norfolk's Starter Line is over $30 million/mile less than the 1999proposal.

4. The EIS you cite is from 1999, outdated given changes in Virginia Beach (and Norfolk) since.

I could go on, but you're way off the mark.

Anonymous said...

No, I am not "off the mark" - I am on target.

Henry, you want me to cite a private transit system that turns a profit?

Taxis - lots and lots of them - every where.

Grayhound buses.


Some airlines.

Jitney services.

Limo services.

The planet is full of transit options that are privately owned and turn a profit.

Anonymous said...

Henry, just in case you did not like my last answer - here is another:

There are two places in the world where rail’s success is not accompanied by excess costs and is felt throughout the urban area: Tokyo (Tokyo-Yokohama) and Osaka (Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto).

Violating the old transit myth that there are no profitable systems, data from the Union of International Public Transport (the international equivalent of the American Public Transportation Association) indicate both systems earn annual profits of approximately 30 percent over operating and capital expense.

In both urban areas, most service is provided by historic private suburban rail (commuter rail) companies that operate their own lines and share tracks with municipally owned subway systems. In addition, privatized units of Japanese National Railways (JNR) provide a large share of the travel. The municipally owned urban bus, rail, and monorail systems receive small subsidies, sometimes only for capital.

In Tokyo, with 33 million people (1.5 times metropolitan New York), 57 percent of travel is on public transit, with more than 80 percent of travel on the private railways (historic suburban and JNR East). Total travel is approximately 2.5 times total U.S. transit travel.

Smaller Osaka is just as impressive. The area’s 17 million residents (approximately the same number as in metropolitan Los Angeles) use transit for 60 percent of their travel. Total transit travel is 1.3 times that of all transit in the United States combined. Again, more than 80 percent of travel is on the private railroads (historic suburban and JNR West).

By comparison, New York has the nation’s highest transit market share at under 10 percent. Chicago is under 4 percent, Portland and Los Angeles are under 2 percent, and Dallas and Phoenix are below 1 percent.

Avenging Archangel said...


First, only jitneys among those options are mass transit. You're fooling no one but yourself.

As for Japan, it's not a template that can be duplicated most places (including here):

1. Insane urban real estate prices makes building parking garages not a viable option.

2. The Japanese fly widebodies on domestic airline routes, which isn't done anywhere else in the world.

Anonymous said...

Gee Henry, I answered the question and now you try your best to wiggle out of the truth - typical.

LOL! How is that transit Kool-aid you have been chugging? :)

BTW - taxies are a transit system.

Private for-profit airlines are not used for transit? Really?

Seems those privately owned seaplanes I paid to fly on in the islands were clearly a prefered method of transit. Of course there were also private boats I could have paid for my insland-to-island transit as well.

Private for-profit ferries are not used for transit? Really? I don't think that position is accurate at all, Henry.

Come on now Henry - why attempt to deny reality? Because it doesn't "fit" your agenda?

Oh, I'm sorry - you are a Transit lemming. That explains it.

It's okay. We understand.

Anonymous said...

To all:

Notice how dishonest Henry plays games by changing his arguments?

First Henry writes:

(1) "First of all, you ignore yesterday's anon question: what transit system in the world is there that is both privately owned nd unsubsidized?"

I respond by giving examples of "transit systems" that are privately owned and turn a profit.

Henry then tried to back peddle and tries to change his words - he then tries to claim my response wasn't correct because the modes of transit I gave were not "mass transit" - as shown here:

(2) "First, only jitneys among those options are mass transit. You're fooling no one but yourself."

Setting aside the fact that collectively the tens of thousands taxies used every day in New York City are clearly a form of "mass transit", what we clearly see here is how HENRY IS FOOLING NO ONE BUT HIMSELF if he actually thinks he is making an "points" rather than embarrassing himself.

Shrug - but hey, that's just Henry. We have all come to expect this type of dishonest behavior from poor 'ole Henry.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Reid's never jumped into our shoes before. Hey Reid, why not RIDE the bus with those of us why depend on it?

Anonymous said...

Oops...meant to say

"Hey Reid, why not RIDE the bus with those of us who depend on it?"

Avenging Archangel said...

Who's being dishonest here? The definition of mass transit, straight from

"a system of large-scale public transportation in a given metropolitan area, typically comprising buses, subways, and elevated trains."

Uh...where are any of those modes that Reid listed mentioned? Oh...they're not. The obvious conclusion: Reid Greenmun is lying. To claim there's unsubsidized transit, he has to pretend modes that aren't mass transit are.

Game. Set. Match.

Go cry to Robert Dean, Reid.

Anonymous said...

Annnt! Thanks for playing - but you failed again.

YOU and Anon were not discussing "mass transit" - you both used the term "transit system".


As the VBTA Transportation Chairman, surely you have done your research and can share with all of us: which transit system, anywhere in the world, is not subsidized?

End Quote:

As to your feeble attempt to claim that tens of thousands of taxies in New York city are not a mass transit system - that is simply is laughable.

You are dishonest. Thank you for proving it here - of all places, LOL!

Game, set, match.

Anonymous said...

"Public transportation can consist of buses, subways, trolleys and light rail, commuter trains, van pool services, paratransit services for senior citizens and people with disabilities, ferries, water taxis, or monorails"

Wikipedia article "Public Transport"

Nice try Reid

Like the anon poster suggested, step in our shoes for once. Come for a ride.

Anonymous said...

The more I read Reid's comments the more I feel he's against public/mass transit in any way shape or form no matter what

Give it up already Reid. You sound like a loony

Anonymous said...

Enough of your BS Reid. Come, take a ride on the bus for once. You might actually like it*

*but I doubt it

Anonymous said...

The point is that Henry is dishonest. Nice try to change the subject and attack me.

I proved my point.

Actaully Henry proved it for me.

All I had to do was point it out using his own words.

Avenging Archangel said...

Yeah, Reid, two-thirds of poll voters (at this point) show what they think of your lack of honesty.

Then, what does any of this have to do with the song?

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I'd be interested to learn how you might know ow many buses I have riden on in my 50 years?

It might help you to know that I lived in Montreal and I rode public transit everywhere - especailly for my daily commute from the city center to the suburban city where my office was located.

I have lived in New York City, was born in Los Angeles, and traveled throughout Europe.

I have no desire to ride on an HRT bus here in Virginia Beach. They take far too long to get to where I need to go, as compared to the time it takes when driving my own car.

Time is valuable. HRT doesn't really seem to place too much importance on that.

Anonymous said...

Henry, 18 people. Wow.

Many of those that post here really do not know me, or the VBTA.

The fact that their "vote" reveals their misunderstanding about the question serves to prove the do not know the truth.

It is a fact that I, representing the VBTA, went before the MPO and spoke in support of a study of Light Rail to connect the Norfolk Tide to the naval bases.

Again - nice try to be deceptive by using a percentage instead of a number.

But then, why would anyone expect any honesty from you?

Anonymous said...

Uh, Reid you miscounted. I see 19 people knowing the truth of the VBTA

You sound like you must have a pride issue

Avenging Archangel said...


So the other readers decided to abstain. I can't force people who come here to vote.

You want government by referendum...but think people are too ignorant to vote on the nature of the VBTA? You can't have it both ways!

Anonymous said...

What garbage Henry, that last pathetic attempt is beneith even you.

A referendum at the ballot box is far more legit then 18 or 19 "votes" on this sorry blog.

Sad Henry ... sad.

Anonymous said...

Reid, you are pathetic. Even under TLP/VBTA's plan, Light Rail does NOT qualify for referendum

Avenging Archangel said...


For all your rhetoric about referenda, you're the first to disparge whenever a citizen's vote doesn't go your way, whether a poll on this blog or the CCO's 2005endorsement of BRT Phase I.

No, you don't believe in citizen participation. You only support referenda because you know you can't get elected officials to implement your extremist agenda.

As for "this sorry blog", you're obviously spending an awful lot of time on it. ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Henry, keep drinking your own Kool-aid. Your echo chamber simply serves the public good because your tactics will continue to fail.

I'm not laughing at you - I feel sorry for you. But that doesn't mean I will not point out your dishonesty and your misguided obsessions - especally when you are being played and really don't appreciate that reality.

The NS ROW Light Rail project is a scam and the taxpayers are being ripped off. The truth of this is found in studying the cost of the project as weighed by the benefits to those targeted to pay for it.

Freeloaders that want something - but what others to pay for it view the return on investment far different then those that pick up the tab. That is understandable.

But it is also reprehensible.

How you can espouse such unethical behavior and still claim to be a Republican reveals that:

(1) You are a Socialist pretending (claiming) to be a Republican. BTE I notice you admit that you donated money to Barack Obama. Did you donate more money to John McCain?

(2) Perhaps, if you really ARE a Republican then the Republican Party has changed to the point where it is now like people like you - dishonst and willing to stick it to taxpayers to gain some precieved political advantage.

In either case, it is sad.

Perhaps in 2009 you might step away from the Kool-aid, your head might clear, and you might regain your senses.

With God all things are possible.

So, on this first day of a New Year - my hope for you is that you will reassess your behavior and take a fresh and objective look at the facts surrounding this proposed Light Rail project. Follow the money. You will find truth in that quest.

You vile attacks on the good citizens working within the VBTA do not serve you well - they only serve to reveal your own immaturity.

I offer this to you in hopes that you might benefit from considering this.

It is - after all - a New Year.

A time of new beginnings.

Here is my wish for you that you might find greater wisdom in 2009.

Avenging Archangel said...


First of all, I gave a small amount of money ($25) to Obama during the primaries to defeat Hitlery. I don't see you attacking Brian Kirwin for giving money to Hitlery herself.

You continue to try to make mass transit an ideological litmus test. Let me point out that HB 6028 was a Republican bill, patroned by Bob Tata and Frank Wagner. Light rail in Virginia Beach is a Virginia Beach Republican issue. (Swallow that one, a-hole!)

In the end, people don't care about your ideological litmus tests: they want a Transportation system that works. Going down the Norfolk Southern ROW is vital for mass transit in Virginia Beach and events elsehwere in the region have determined that it will be light rail. Either jump on the train or get run over by it.

Anonymous said...

Henry, a point of agreement here. I AGRRE with this statement:

In the end, people don't care about your ideological litmus tests: they want a Transportation system that works.

I agree that people in our region do not care about YOUR ideological litmus tests - that being anyone that opposes Light Rail in Va Beach is to be attacked.

People don't care about that henry - they DO want a transportation system that works.

One that is affordable.

The proposed Light rail line down the NS ROW isn't a transit system that works - and it is far too much money for the pitiful capacity and low ridership projected.

In our city a referendum on the same Light Rail line was held.

The voters REJECTED it.

Get over it.

We have real NEEDS - and we can't afford to waste our precious transit funds on this TOD boondoggle.

So, you avoided my question I see (we all see).

Did you donate more money to John McCain then you did to Barack Obama - Mr. "Republican"?

Avenging Archangel said...

"low ridership projected"?!? Reid, this isn't 1999. Norfolk's downtown has blossomed, Virginia Beach's demographics are rapidly changing, and ODU and the Norfolk NOB will be online in this proposal.

This time we should have a DEIS with a proposal that will work.

That's common sense, as Virginia Beach Republicans (like Tata and Wagner) know.

Anonymous said...

Henry, still avoiding the question I see - yup, we all see.


So, how much money did you donate to John McCain?

More interesting - why are you avoiding answering such a simple question?

You certainly made it a point to let everyone know how much you donated to Barack Obama.

And yes, the projected ridership is far to low for the massive COST.

Anonymous said...

The ridership I am discussiong is the ridership for the Virginia Beach line connecting the Tide at Newtoen Road and running down to the oceanfront along the NS ROW.

Typical dishonest effort on your part to attempt change the subject - in this case drag some other light rail corridors into the discussion.

Your so predictable - and tiresome.

Clearly my comments were directed to teh NS ROW light rail boondoggle.

Avenging Archangel said...


Since you obviously have a reading comprehension problem, let me repeat myself. My donation to Obama was during the primaries. Then it was Obama vs. Hitlery, not Obama vs. McCain.

Furthermore, you're a majot league hypocrite to try making an issue of it. You supported Libertarian Bob Barr, not John McCain. Typical Messnerist-Greenminst: you try to hold others to a standard you can't start to meet.

On LRT, you continue to live in 1999:

1. The Norfolk Stater Line is $30 million/mile less than the 1999 proposal.

2. The Virginia Beach extension won't be built without the EVMS to Norfolk NOB via ODU extension.

Thanks for proving that the VBTA's opposition to LRT is based on ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I can see everyone's acting like a child. Is it possible to shut the comments down?

It's gone far enough in my opinion - This is directed at EVERYONE on here

Anonymous said...


I only donated to the Libertarian Party candidate. I gave no money to help the candidates from my party’s opponents. There is no hypocrisy in that.

You claim to be a real Republican - yet you give money to support Democrats? In this case a Democrat that defeated the Republican candidate for President. That makes YOU either a hypocrite, dumb, or a liar.

You willingly brag about donating money to Barack Obama but you continue to avoid answering the question about how much money you donated to John McCain. Instead you keep launching non sequitur attacks on me in hopes that perhaps no one will notice.

That isn’t being honest. And we all notice.

Anonymous said...

To all,

Henry writes:

"The Virginia Beach extension won't be built without the EVMS to Norfolk NOB via ODU extension."

(1) Pure speculation on his part. Not a fact. Since an EIS and cost estimates do not exist for a extention of the Tide to the naval bases in Norfolk, there is no way to know if that line will ever be built. The cost may be too high. Meanwhile, the NS ROW rail line has already had an EIS completed and the cost of the NS ROW in known. While it might be sold for less than its appraisal, all NS has asked for is

(2) Poor Henry, I was discussing ONLY the extension of the Tide into Virginia Beach down the NS ROW. As everyone saw, the VBTA supported funding an EIS to determine the costs and benefits of a rial line connecting the Tide to that naval bases. The VBTA has only objected to the wasteful spending of precious tax funds for the rail line running down the NS ROW. Our position before the MPO was made quite clear. Henry was there and he heard it. He revealed that her on his blog.

(3) In typical HENRY manner he tries to change the subject and/or spread lies when he can't defend his positions on Light Rail. The VBTA has only objected to the Light Rail line running into Virginia Beach along the NS ROW.

Henry and his band of followers spread lies about the VBTA and claim the VBTA opposes all mass transit and light rail corridors that the VBTA has not taken a position on yet. We haven't taken a position on a naval base line yet because the facts are not yet available to make an informed decision.

An EIS was completed for the NS ROW line. The VBTA understands the costs and has read the HRPDC reports concerning projected ridership. We have read the HRT planned fare structure. We have studied the cost of operations and maintenance. We have good data to work with on the proposed NS ROW Light Rail line.

In studying the data it is clear that the extention of the Tide into Virginia Beach is not worth the cost because the return on investment is pitiful.

We have a need to reduce traffic congestion in our region. We have back ups on 264 that are a serious threat to safety. We have bridges that lack adequate maintenance and repair. Take the Jorden Bridge for example. We have real NEEDS for our region's transportation system.

The proposed TOD Light Rail boondoggle down the NS ROW is a WANT, not a NEED. It is a waste of precious tax funds - and the annual operating costs run in the million. Not to mention the need to replace the feeder buses required every 9 to 12 years.

The VBTA opposes waste and promotes intelligent government.

Henry and his small circle of transit advocates that contribute to this blog often boldly lie about the VBTA and launch endless dishonest attacks on a citizen grassroots organization that seeks to protect the taxpayers living in Virginia Beach.

It is dispicable, slander, and intentionally dishonest - as is the childish song Henry wrote that began this topic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to the gutless anonymous individual that poseted this:

"I can see everyone's acting like a child. Is it possible to shut the comments down?

It's gone far enough in my opinion - This is directed at EVERYONE on here."

First off, why hide who you are? Use your name. I do. If you want to chastise others then be adult enough to accept responsibility for your own words.

Secondly, when Henry and his small circle of transit-at-any-cost-as long-as-the-cost-isn't-paid-for-in the-cost-of fares-for-transit-riders reveal their lies, their dishonestly, and their vile character here on this blog for all to see, we read a plea to shut down the comments?

Losing an argument? Silence your opposition.

How predictable.

Henry keeps digging a hole for himself. He is caught in his own web of obfuscation and lies and NOW his supporters seek to censor this discussion?

Why now?

The majority of childish behavior on this blog comes from it's owner and from his small circle of followers - this is proven by the childish and slanderous song posted here about the VBTA.

It was childish behavior that began this topic. I didn't read any objection or call for censorship when henry posted his sophmoric lies about the VBTA.

Why is Henry's spearheading a campaign of deception? Could it be because his agenda is being threatend by those that expose the truth about the proposed Light Rail line in Virginia Beach that Henry doesn't desire discussed?


So, gutless "anonymous" poster - where was your call to end childish behavior when Henry posted his childish song that is boldly spreading lies about the VBTA?

Once Henry had revealed the depth of his dishonesty for all to see - THEN we read your plea for censorship.

What a hypocrite.

And what a coward to hide beind "anonymous" and not take responsibility for your agenda of censorship on a discussion blog.

Avenging Archangel said...


If you think people's objections to the VBTA are all about light rail, you need to get your head out of Robert Dean's arse. Over 84% of voters rejected the VBTA, and you can bet it wasn't all about LRT.

As for your latest blatherings about LRT:

1. On the 1999 DEIS, it was $30 million/mile more than Norfolk's Starter Line and didn't include ODU & Norfolk NOB.

2. You dismiss as "speculation" extensions necessary for Virginia Beach to proceed.

Finally, it is hypocrisy for a Libertarin to think he can decide who is Republican enough or not.

Anon 9:56,

I'll pull back to the 48th paralell anytime Reid does.

It's my blog, so I get last word.

Anonymous said...

Henry, more outright LIES - it is amazing how willing you are to expose your own dishonesty!


You write:

"Over 84% of voters rejected the VBTA, and you can bet it wasn't all about LRT."

First lie:

You claim voters rejected the VBTA. That has never happened.

In your twisted mind I am guessing that you mean the results of the last election for Mayor in Virginia Beach. I am also guessing that you are attempting to paint the loss by John Moss as if voters were asked to vote for the VBTA. Again - so very dishonest of you to make such false statements. Not to mention that John Moss ran as a REPUBLICAN. Aren't you claiming to be a Republican?

Henry, VOTERS have never rejected the VBTA because the VBTA has never been on the ballot. But in your mind, deceiving people is not a problem.

HOWEVER - it is a fact that Beach voters DID reject the proposed Light Rail line down the NS ROW in May of 1999. This fact makes your use of such an argument fairly laughable.

Henry, you oppose a referendum on Light Rail along the NS ROW in Virignia Beach. Yet you want to claim that a majority of voters in Virginia Beach will support Light Rail down the NS ROW.

If that is so, why do you oppose placing the question on the ballot?

I am guessing it is because you realize that voters will reject your LRT agenda - again.

Meanwhile, the guy that only won the mayor's seat after spending over $600,000 for a $30K a year job ran on a platform that he would conduct a referendum on Light Rail before he would move to have a Council vote on the matter. That would be Will Sessoms - the same guy that 61% of the voters REJECTED as their choice for mayor.

Of course, that 61% is somewhat misleading too, isn't it? I wouldn't want to act like you, now would I?

Unlike you, I'll post the actual facts:

W. D. ''Will'' Sessoms, Jr. 74,315 38.92%

Meyera E. Oberndorf 67,462 35.33%

John D. Moss 30,047 15.73%

Scott W. Taylor 19,135 10.02%

Turnout: 66.27%

So yes, 61% of the Beach voters did want someone other than Will Sessoms as their next Mayor. But he did garner more votes than any of the 4 candates.

He did so by running on promises for reducing property taxes, handing out flyers that gave the false impression that he and Barack Obama were on the same ticket, and dramatically out spending his opponents.

The Mayor's race wasn't a referendum on Light Rail - as you want to claim it was. It turned out to be an auction!

Sigh - just more deception and lies you try to spread here to try to support your LRT agenda.

BTW - the guy YOU supported, Scott Taylor - he ran HARD on a pro-transit agenda. He even rode an HRT bus and posted a video about his support for your transit agenda. More voters rejected John Moss than voted for Scott Taylor.

Using YOUR LOGIC it is fair to state that voters rejected Light Rail over the VBTA, LOL!!!!

Wow - using Henry-logic is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Ops - typed that wrong - what actually happend is:

More voters rejected Scott Taylor than voted for John Moss.

Using henry Logic that would mean that more voters rejected Light rail than supported it.

Avenging Archangel said...


The VBTA's credibility was on the ballot with the Moss Mayoral campaign. The VBTA threw virtually everything it could behind him...yet couldn't even get 16% of the vote. Don't think everyone in Virginia Beach political circles didn't notice.

As for the campaign, polls by candidates put LRT support over 70%.

Anonymous said...

Henry - you just keep telling lies. Wow. Even a fool like you should realize you need to stop digging that hole you dug for yourself.

Apparently not.

Lie all you want - the VBTA was not on the ballot. Your fanasies serve only to reveal your own dishonesty.

BTW - we ar still waiting for you to asner that question - how much money did you contribute to John McCain's campaign - since as a "Republican" you have stated you did contribute to Barack Obama.

Why do you keep avoiding this simple question?

Or are you hoping folks will not notice?

Avenging Archangel said...

Folks have noticed...that Reid Greenmun is a dishonest a-hole.

Anonymous said...

Nice Henry - the last refuge of a bankrupt argument – your desperate use of low class cursing and name calling.

Yup, that should help clarify for everyone your utter lack of credibility and maturity.

I appreciate your willingness to expose your true colors so willingly.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think this is getting out of hand

Too much mud-slinging from both sides.

Anonymous said...

Jason, what can anyone expect when Henry continues to post lies and slander like the childish song this topic is discussing?

His response?

He began yet another topic to spread his lies and distortion regarding the VBTA and using my name.

If it was YOU he was lying about would you just allow him to continue without addressing his slander?

Henry is simply revealing what a vile person he really is - and in the process he shows us all that he doesn't have any maturity or credibility.

Oh and Jason - thank you for using your name. I appreciate that.

At least you aren't a coward hidding behind "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

No problem Reid

I'm not a Yellow Bellied Coward and will own up to my post

You're right this song is way past the line