Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why I Do Public Affairs

I was born the son of a Finnish immigrant, a lady who later repatriated to Suomi. Separated from her first husband at the time of my birth, I was put up for adoption.

At 16 months, I was adopted by a Federal bureaucrat and his crazed tyrant of a wife. Their only purpose for a child was as a prop in their quest for social acceptance. I was subjected to physical abuse and neglect.

By my Junior year of high school, Social Services had discovered what was going on. Their response: simply put me in an in-school counseling program to deal with the damage after the fact. Nothing was done to either stop the abuse or get me out of the house. That would have meant Social Services having to admit their mistake in putting me there in the first place.

Having been adopted into the house of a Federal bureaucrat in a state adoption, at a very early age I came to look at the system as my number one enemy. Accordingly, I grew up to be a reformist politico.

Some in Virginia Beach have attacked me, deluding themselves into thinking they could force me from the political arena. You can no more take away my motivation than you can erase my childhood. Such a strategy backfires, as the attackers become the new abusers, hitting me just like my adoptive "parents" did.

Many of my personality characteristics are left from my childhood. Among those which will show up on this blog:

1. Rosemary Wilson had noted how I love the little guy versus the big guy fights. Remember that as a child I was the little guy being savaged by the big guys.

2. As the textbook child who failed to bond, I'm off in the world of ideas. You'll see me float some here.

3. My going in with guns blazing style derived from rarely getting anything worthwhile as a child without a fight.

4. I'm an acute Introvert who is infinitely more comfortable in front of a keyboard than at a social event.

I disowned my adoptive "parents" years ago. (I celebrate Disownment Day every February 4.) My adoptive "father" died in 2007. (I found his obituary in a web search.) As my adoptive "mother" would be 80 in May, not much longer until she joins him in Hell.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised your Catholic teachings haven't taught you to be a little more forgiving of your adoptive parents. To wish them both to Hell is a little extreme.

Avenging Archangel said...


The final straw was my adoptive "mother's" unwillingness to accept my Catholicism. That she wanted me to deny God for her is something God will never forgive her for - and I shouldn't, either.

Anonymous said...

I know this must have been difficult for you to share.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 3:31,

Thanks for the sympathy; I was simply look for understanding. Things have been whispered in earshot of me and I wanted to try to put the rumors to rest.

I'd been planning the Christmas posts since Summer, but did have second thoughts the final week or so. In the end, I thought helping people understand me trumped exposing myself personally.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not exposing yourself!