Friday, April 1, 2011

The VBTA Calls For A Referendum On Sanity

April 1 saw the extremist Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) call for a referendum on sanity, wanting it excluded from public policy.

"To espouse sanity is to attack Beach families", said VBTA Maximum Leader Robert Dean. He went on, "Only I know what's in the best interest of Virginia Beach, and everyone knows I've gone off the deep end."

"Every Statement and position of the VBTA is utterly insane", stated VBTA Chairman John Moss. "We believe you can make massive cuts in the City Budget with no negative consequences, the city can simply stop growing, 100% of surface transportation could and should be by automobile, the state should spend $3 billion on roads without building a single new road, etc."

"Sanity is a conspiracy by the Chamber of Commerce, for Virginia Beach Vision, with the consent of Light Rail Now", claimed VBTA Vice Chairman/Chairman of No Transportation Reid Greenmun. Wiping his running hair dye away, he continued, "The taxpayers want insanity! Sanity is corruption imposed on us by a few influential business lobbies."

The VBTA hopes for a November, 2011 referendum to eradicate sanity.

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