Saturday, April 16, 2011

Learn To Drive, NPD!

Payday is Walmart Day, so Friday morning I was on my way there to go grocery shopping. At Military Circle's 6 A.M. cutback lineup, it was Cutback Inbound 20 to Cutback Outbound 15.

As the 15 started to head up Military Highway, a Norfolk Police Department (NPD) K9 unit came out of the Kangaroo Express at Janaf. The K9 unit made a slow looping turn...right into the path of the bus. Thankfully the bus wasn't going full speed, so we were able to brake to avoid a collision. The bus Operator exclaimed to the passengers afterwards, "They're suppose to be the police!"

Tired cop after being on duty all night? Regardless, had that been a 40' bus at full speed, the NPD K9 unit would have been flipped over. (We had a 30 footer on the cutback run.) Since this was a K9 unit, remember that the police dog would have been in the rear...right where the bus would have struck.

I've e-mailed Hampton Roads Transit (HRT), advising that a copy of the bus' security tapes be sent to NPD.

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