Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Virginia Destroyers Cheerleader Tryout Finals

Okay, I normally blog on substantive public policy issues. However, with the day free on Saturday, I went to MacArthur Center to see the Destroyers Cheerleading Tryout Finals. By the team's estimate, "about 400 people" were there, which sounds about right. The event had been promoted on Facebook by both the team and its fan club, The Fleet.

About 50 candidates were brought forward in groups of four. Each quartet did dance routines to the same two songs: Aerosmith's Walk This Way and a dance remix of Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone. (The remix was a bit bizarre in that it began with a rift that sounded like it was from 96 Tears.) There were six judges: the cheerleading director, four with cheerleading or dance backgrounds, and a representative from The Fleet.

After all the finalists had performed, we were told the judges would tally the scores and be back "in 15 minutes". It took about three times that long. The wait inspired me to download the Jeopardy theme song to my Nokia E71x.

Yes, the Finals had their lighter moments. One girl lost her balance, only to catch herself. Another was big enough to play linebacker herself. There was one with long, thin hair that kept flying in her face. However, what was striking was how many now want to be a professional sports cheerleader. There were two candidates from South Carolina, and one each from Hawaii and Michigan.

Those attending were given pitches for Destroyers tickets, Fleet memberships, and Destroyers gear. I bought myself a Destroyers t-shirt beforehand.

When they came back, about half the Finalists had been cut. Jubilation, some needing consoling, while those chosen posed for photos of the group.

Anyone wishing to discuss the Virginia Destroyers, or the UFL in general, have at it in the Comments section.

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