Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Thoughts March 31, 2011

1. Am I the only one who thinks the fuss about the City Manager's proposed Budget for Virginia Beach in FY 2012 is bad theater? Given that the Budget had been trimmed and savings dipped into the past two years, tax and/or fee hikes were a given this year unless the economy improved markedly. It didn't.

2. The Democrats' plan for redistricting the state Senate is farcical at points. However, when I looked at the proposed 13th District, know what I thought? After 75 year old Fred Quayle, Senator Bob Dyer?

3. In the Republican House redistricting plan, Virginia Beach's Central Business District goes from the 83rd to the 85th District. Quite fitting for Bob Tata, whose bill jump-started the Beach light rail process.

4. Advertised for today was a Sea Level Rise Listening Session from 1-4 P.M. It was moved to 9 A.M. - Noon with no word I heard. So do they really want to listen?

5. Are you all having fun watching Norfolk being dragged into glasnost by Andy Protogyrou and Tommy Smigiel?

6. Under the Republican House redistricting plan, I go from the 83rd District (Chris Stolle) to the 90th (Algie Howell). Hey, I was considering looking for a new barber.... More seriously, Algie strikes me as a nice guy.

7. Why does it scare me on one level when I agree with the TEA Party? Not enough spending cuts in what's being considered by Congress.

8. The Laskin Gateway Project may spur what's hoped for in the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan. However, the knuckle-draggers are still refighting the 31st Street referendum battle. Pathetic.

9. Please note that light rail opponents have yet to offer a comprehensive alternative plan that is both constructive and realistic. Until then, they shouldn't be taken seriously. Do they think they can complain often and loud enough that people don't grasp they have nothing to offer?

10. Hang on, UFL: you might get your dream cancelled NFL season.

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