Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You're Happy With the Mayor's Performance

45% of you rated Mayor Will Sessoms' job performance excellent, with 23% voting Good. 3% think he's done a Fair job. 29% rate it Poor. The striking thing about the Poor vote is that it corresponds with what we saw in Bayside and Lynnhaven Districts last November, where 30% would vote against any incumbent no matter what.

Personally, I'm not enamored with Mayor Sessoms performance. (I was a Good voter.) I may have some pointed things to say about him (and other members of Council) after this year's City redistricting process. However, Virginia Beach is moving forward after four years of sitzkrieg under Meyera Oberndorf. If Meyera was still there, City Hall would be giving lip service to a number of key initiatives, but doing nothing about them.

The new poll question is inspired by a Facebook exchange I was involved in yesterday. Which do you prefer: traditional marriage alone, allow gay marriage, or allow civil unions?

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