Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Are No Match For My Jedi Mind Tricks

In the previous poll, I asked whether or not you believed Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) should have a weather contingency plan. 51% voted Yes, 48% "Who Cares?", and no one voted No.

Those from the Flat Earth Side fell for my Jedi mind trick. The same 48% who voted "Who Cares?" are the very same people who masquerade as better keepers of the public's money. You know how much money is wasted when HRT is forced to muddle through severe weather? So 48% would tell you, "I'm 100% against government waste...unless maybe HRT is wasting it in the snow."

On a related note, HRT staff will be meeting tomorrow (Friday) afternoon to discuss measures for getting information to bus riders in case of such weather events.

The new question: should the Virginia Beach City Council do strategic planning? The extremist VBTA opposes it on the grounds that it's a mechanism for gaining preapproval for initiatives that otherwise wouldn't pass Council. Their line goes that, in prioritizing a matter, that Retreat vote becomes an effective stamp of approval on a matter that the details aren't in on yet. With Council scheduled to go on Retreat January 21 and 22, I thought it would be timely.


Wally Erb said...

Strategic planning? Perhaps you softened the term. Better yet, call it urban planning. That was the term for strategic planning before "urbanization" became unpopular.

Avenging Archangel said...


Strategic planning and urban planning are two entirely diffeent things.

Thanks for reminding us why only 11% voted for you for City Council.

Wally Erb said...

The general objectives of strategic urban planning (SUP) include clarifying which city model is desired and working towards that goal, coordinating public and private efforts, channeling energy, adapting to new circumstances and improving the living conditions of the citizens affected.

Tell me that is not urbanization.

Also. tell me why one can't get decent honorable dialog of opinion on this blog without being subjugated to negative personalization?

Avenging Archangel said...


Strategic Planning and Urban Planning are not synonomous. In fact:

1. Council was doing strategic planning for years before the first SGAs were drafted.

2. Even the CCO does strategic planning.

Try to claim strategic planning and urban planning are one in the same, and someone will point out you're an idiot on any mainstream blog, not just this one.