Thursday, January 20, 2011

TPO January 20, 2011

Today the Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), Hampton Roads' Federally-mandated transportation planning entity, gave preliminary endorsement to a few initiatives.

First, the TPO moved to amend the 2030 Long Range Plan and Transportation Improvement Plan to include the Patriots' Crossing and Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel expansion.

Second, the Congestion Mitigation Process was endorsed.

Third, Regional Performance Measures were approved. A state law change from 2009 requires each region to enact such measures.

In addition, the TPO took up Phase 1B of the High Speed Rail Vision Plan.

Fact of the Day: Virginia is 42nd in the nation in per capita Gas Tax collection and roads spending.

Finally, the TPO Retreat will be February 17.


thesh00ter said...

so the TPO has no say once VDOT decides what they want to do with the third crossing/patriots crossing? Like, even though the mass transit portion of it probably would cost too much, can TPO at least suggest for them to make room for it to be added on in the future?

Avenging Archangel said...


The TPO could kill it by refusing to put the Patriots Crossing into the LRP. The multimodal came up Thursday morning, and VDOT says they'll study the effectiveness of it as part of the EIS. Therefore, it might end up in the Patriots Crossing yet.

thesh00ter said...

well lets hope so. like u said b4 which is why i made that last statement, if they add it to the plans at least as a future phase.