Sunday, January 30, 2011

The New Kellam High School

The design looks intriguing. However, one thing caught my eye: soccer is slated to be played on the same field as football.

As a former high school soccer player myself (Midfielder later moved to Center Forward), I know a regulation soccer field is wider than a football field. Many schools around here do play soccer on football fields, but the narrower width doesn't allow normal lateral movement.

Okay, for all the money you're spending on the new Kellam, did you design the soccer field wide enough? I'm betting you botched it.


maplestar said...

I'm not sure. When I zoom in to the full-size drawing on the PilotOnline article, it does seem to show the soccer lines wider than the American football sidelines. I'm not a soccer expert, but from what I was finding on Wikipedia, I think the drawing may show a wide enough field.

Whether or not that drawing accurately reflects the dimensions of the field when built is still an open question.

Avenging Archangel said...

A football field is 48.8 meters wide.

A soccer field is 64-75 meters wide.

Kellam may be wider, but wide enough?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it meets the Virginia High School League standards. If it didn't, they could not play any regulation matches there.

Just a question of moving the stripes, just like they will do at the Sportsplex when the UFL comes to town.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 10:02,

It may meet VHSL standards, but:

1. The narrower field will change the play of the game.

2. FIFA has the final word in soccer.