Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clowndidate Watch 2010, 3rd Edition

When Wally Erb ran for Clerk of the Circuit Court in 2003, he tried to coattail on the previous year's transportation referendum defeat. Like the Axe The Tax Campaign, he used white on red signs with the slogan "No Tax Increase".

Taking the Route 25 towards the Municipal Center yesterday afternoon, I saw Erb's City Council yard signs up in his home neighborhood. They were burgundy and gold. Last night at City Council, he was handing out similar cards, with the 2010 Redskins season schedule on the rear. Of course, Wally is from the Bronx, Giants and Jets territory.

A three-time (soon to be four-time) loser trying to coattail on a bunch of losers.


Anonymous said...

the irony is that all of Wally's signs I've seen are on the public right of way, ESPECIALLY the railroad right of way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about the wisdom of siding with a team in your campaign.

If you side with a political party, you alienate half the voters. You side with the Redskins, you lose the fans of the Ravens, Bills, Bengals, Steelers. Seahawks, etc.

Not a wise move at all.

Amanda Jennings said...

Anon 2: watch out because the blog author is a Ravens fan. Don't talk about the deadskins here (unless you're dissing them)