Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Deanlusional Deantator Doesn't Get It

Among those who attended last night's CCO meeting was Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Maximum Leader Robert Dean. He arrived late, and sat in the rear. Towards the end, he rose to give a farcical speech.

1. He began with his usual anti-tax gig, going on how taxation was slashing our disposable incomes.

Nothing new. Any anti-taxer could have given it.

2. He then attacked light rail. He went on how a few times this year the VBTA had contacted the CCO Board of Directors about opposing it, only to be rebuffed.

What was Dean expecting? The Board to be shamed and come out against it now? The civic league representatives to be appalled by the Board's actions and rise up against them? If Dean hasn't noticed, the CCO has a representative on the Light Rail Now (LRN) Board of Directors. Also, two other CCO personalities sit on the LRN Board. It's far more savvy to be sitting at the table helping craft a proposal, than to be on the outside screaming like raging lunatics.

The telling thing: Dean's rant was met with a yawn. Everyone in the room was civicly active. If they embraced the VBTA's beyond the pale extremism, they'd join the tiny breakfast cult. They don't join because they recognize the VBTA as a collection of racist kooks.

The bigger issue is that while the VBTA claims "We are the people", the CCO isn't even singing the same gendre of music. The lays the lie to the VBTA's claim to be the real representatives of the residents. The VBTA has looked upon the CCO as a threat, trying to plant VBTAers on the CCO Board.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that except for Wally, the VBTA has stopped engaging on your blog. Hard for them to defend the indefensible, I guess.

Avenging Archangel said...

Even the VBTA can't defend their own wacky ideas. They simply preach to the choir, knowing they'll get "Atta boy!" from them, but no one else.