Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Norfolk Southern ROW Deal Passes 10-0!

This evening the Virginia Beach City Council voted 10-0 to purchase the Norfolk Southern Right-Of-Way, a potential mass transit corridor that runs in a straight east-west line across our city. Rosemary Wilson was absent.

It was the first public show of strength by Light Rail Now (LRN), with supporters wearing Light Rail Now lapel stickers. Online threats by the opposition prompted LRN to mobilize.

Speaking of the opposition, Robert Dean was the only major VBTAer front and center. (Afterwards I saw John Moss outside the Council Chambers.) Mostly a cast of characters no one had ever heard of. Not only did they overstate what was on the line tonight, but made some ridiculous statements during their remarks. As I said later, "They threw their third stringers at us and we chewed them up."

Three television cameras were there: WAVY, WVEC, and one I couldn't identify. Andy Fox came over after I spoke, got the spelling of my name right, and looked at the written text of my remarks. Hey, I may be on Channel 10 later.

Shortly after my remarks to Council, a VBTAer came over and called me a "no damn good bus rider." I'm tempted to use that quote on the blog banner.


Anonymous said...

Even Desteph voted yes???

He may be off the VBTA Christmas Card list!

thesh00ter said...

lol yeah u no good damn bus rider, good job. no disrespect to the elderly but that's all that seem to be running their mouths (at least on the footage the news showed) but i'm glad the decision was made. lol, Wavy mispelled Dean's last name. i thought that was for a good laugh

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 10:46,

Yes, DeSteph voted in favor. When I called someone to pass on the news, that was one of the questions.

Wally Erb showed up and spoke against it. Expect Erb to now try to make an issue out of DeSteph's vote.

Unknown said...

I love how they all want people to remember the referendum vote, but they keep running for office even thought voters continually reject them.

No means No...doesn't it?