Thursday, September 30, 2010

TPPC September 30, 2010

Despite the monsoon outside, the Transportation, Parking, and Pedestrian Committee (TPPC) of Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met on Thursday morning.

With today the final day of seasonal VB Wave service, the numbers through September 27 were reviewed. Ridership for the season is up 6.1% over 2009, with Route 32 (Shoppers Shuttle) leading the way with a 14.0% increase. Also, Staff was instructed to look at possible improvements for the Rudee Loop Transfer Center and report back with them at the October TPPC meeting.

The TPPC requested a Briefing on the three finalist mass transit routing options between Birdneck Road and the Convention Center. That may also happen at the October meeting.

A signage inventory was previously asked for in the Resort Area, with the goal of reducing the number of traffic signs to eliminate clutter. However, the fledgling initiative has now snagged on methodology.

Finally, an outline on all pending transportation projects in the Resort Area was presented. The list will be updated every six months for the TPPC.

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