Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Utility Not To Be Utilized?

The previous question was about whether or not you would utilize the new Dashboard on the website of Hampton Roads Transit (HRT)? 42% never would, 27% will regularly, 18% rarely, and 12% sometimes. The obvious question: how many of those 42% are the same people who can't open their mouths without complaining about HRT?

The new question is which Norfolk City Council newcomer will have a bigger impact, Andy Protogyrou or Tommy Smigiel?


thesh00ter said...

lol my point exactly. don't say that HRT isn't keeping you informed. another thing that concerns me too Henry is the way the local media seems to speaking against it now. b4 they seem to be promoting it. now after all the budget issues, it seems nothing they (HRT) do is right. i know what ur probably gonna say, that that's the way the media is ratings and all. but i feel it just makes the doubters and skeptics right by taking their sides. the reason we haven't had anything like this for years is because of people like this. ones that only have one track minds and thinks we should road things to death.

Avenging Archangel said...


What dirt that has become public in the past few months has become so precisely becuase the agency is being reformed. Therefore, I don't believe the situation is that bad at all.

thesh00ter said...

good point

off subject kinda, but was there a VB LR extension meeting a week or so ago?