Saturday, May 8, 2010

Republican 2nd District Convention

Today the Republican Convention of Virginia's 2nd Congressional District was held. It was at a bingo hall on Cleveland Street in Virginia Beach, with the location making for some humor. Gary Byler easily won a second term as 2nd District Chairman. Besides being a fundraiser and campaign advisor, in recent history the post of District Chairman has also been big for candidate recruitment. That last purpose has led it to be fought over tenaciously at times.

The intriguing news today was "the meeting before the meeting". With the filing deadline for Virginia Beach's November elections under a month away, ballot petitions were being circulated:

1. Attorney and former Republican Party of Virginia Beach (RPVB) Secretary Tanya Bullock is running for the Princess Anne District seat on the Virginia Beach City Council, now held by Barbara Henley.

2. Council of Civic Organizations (CCO) President Sam Reid is stepping down from his current post to run for the Beach District seat on the Virginia Beach School Board, now held by Pat Edmonson.

3. Recent School Board appointee Ashley McLeod is seeking to stay on.

4. Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Chairman John Moss had two clipboards with ballot petitions, which he was playing close to vest. Memo to John: if your candidates' ballot petitions can't stand up to the light of day, their campaigns will quickly wilt in the sunlight.

(In related news, the May CCO newsletter has now announced that Director Ed Fissinger is resigning to run for School Board again.)

The most sought-after document was an Americans For Prosperity (AFP) review of the Virginia state budget. Expect to now hear it cited regularly. The bizarre thing is that AFP's local coordinator is...Rosemary Wilson? (Say what?)

There was good news when Delegate Ron "Landslide" Villanueva let the assembled know that Governor Bob McDonnell will be making multiple announcements in the coming days about new jobs associated with the Port of Virginia.


Anonymous said...

Bet Ron was late for the meeting.....ROFL!!!!

Sorry.... just had to add that, based on his attendance record while on Council.

Anonymous said...

VBTA is holding their candidates close to the vest because they know their endorsement is the kiss of death.

It also helps the incumbents raise lots of money.

Anonymous said...

You have to figure their petitions will not be for the at large race. They don't want to risk losing their puppet Desteph

Anonymous said...

word on the street is that Moss is running at large for council

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 6:31,

Does Moss want to become the John Parmele of the 21st Century?

Okay, it's a Top 2 win year. However, I don't see how Moss and DeSteph don't take away from one another, unless Dean is crazy enough to want to slate again. (DEW II with Moss, DeSteph, and another challenger or two?)