Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TPO May 19, 2010

The Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), the region's Federally-mandated transportation planning board, met today.

There was fun over the Consent Agenda. Three of the items involved shuffling funds that the state is now trying to audit as part of the "Look under the sofa cushions" campaign. VDOT obviously objected. Eventually a compromise was reached where the transfers were approved, but the money not authorized to be moved until June 30.

A Briefing was held on transportation focus groups that had been held. Chris Bonney had been Facilitator of the groups, with Dr. Quentin Kidd of Christopher Newport University (CNU) giving the Presentation to the TPO. First, citizens feel government officials aren't acting on the problem. Second, they want something done, with interim steps that are tangible. Third, (I can't resist this!) one of the Perceived Solutions was "There must be a well-coordinated, regional light rail system supported by an extensive and regular network of buses, shuttles and other feeders and distributors." There will be a second Presentation at a subsequent meeting details proposed solutions.

There was a Presentation on High Speed Rail. The proposed four step approach would haul 1.24 passengers annually at Step 1 (79 mph trains), climbing to 4.8 million passengers annually at Step 4 (150 mph trains on the Southside, 110 mph on the Peninsula). In ongoing talks over upgrading U.S. 460, it is being sought to reserve a dedicated rail right-of-way for eventual 150 mph trains.

Finally, the Staff's weighting recommendations for ranking transportation projects on the economic vitality portion were tabled for one month. The final prioritization matrix is slated to be enacted at the July TPO meeting.


thesh00ter said...

dunno if it's off subject but where and when are they gonna go over Part 2 of the regional transportation plan?

Anonymous Coward said...

I would love to see more light rail. Beyond Oceanfront / Downtown Norfolk / Naval Station? How about: Chick's Beach / Lynnhaven Mall / TCC.

Also, (more near-term, like NOW) when is HRT going to serve ORF Airport? I fly overnight into PHF (landing in the mornings) and it's very un user friendly taking that 111 to the 107 to Newport News Transit Center then catching the 961 to Norfolk and finally catching the 13 to the 12 to get to Pleasant Valley Rd

Avenging Archangel said...


The draft is scheduled for July.


Basically, the Norfolk Airport Authority is in the pockets of the cab companies. They don't want buses on grounds.

Anonymous said...

Anon Coward: ORF Airport is in violation of the ADA law too for that (denied access to a public facility).

Hey, maybe Kookineli could investigate that instead of wasting time and taxpayer dollars on Climategate

Anonymous Coward said...

I thought there was something fishy about Military Hwy & Noreview Ave being the nearest airport bus stop - especially since the city has an otherwise fairly decent bus system.