Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Are Your Expectations In Richmond?

96% supported firing Michael Townes at Hampton Roads Transit (HRT), but obviously Monday's severance deal leaves it a moot question.

The new poll: what are your expectations for this General Assembly session?

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thesh00ter said...

lol@poll so is this the reason why many people don't vote for any state office?

Personally i think it's possible, slightly possible, that some of the new HR delegates will have a some effect and Mcdonnell won't be half-butted like Kaine was. he may not accomplish much (as far as transportation) but i think he has a good attitude and isn't a push over. i agree with him that PPP's should be used more frequently. in this case they should be used to create more revenue (privatize ABC and Rest stops) vs construction and maintainence.