Thursday, January 7, 2010

RAC January 7, 2010

This afternoon Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) held it's January meeting. Given that 3 of the RAC's 6 committees (TPPC, OEC, and Communications) hadn't met in the past month due to the holidays, Preston Midgett had a fairly short first meeting as Chairman.

The big story is that the date was set for RAC to do strategic planning: at it's regular March meeting, on March 4. The RAC has not had a strategic planning meeting since April, 2008, so one had been in the pipes since last Fall. Committees were urged to work on issue submissions for the March meeting.

The Resort Investment Committee (RIC) had reviewed the 2008 priorities, and discussed what may have to be changed this time. In addition, RIC talked about establishing a website that would provide residents information on ongoing Resort Area projects. The template would be the Laskin Gateway Project website.

The GREEN Committee wanted other committees to consider green initiatives in their areas for the strategic planning meeting.

The Plan/Design Review Committee (PDRC) looked at plans for Phase II of the building project at Atlantic Avenue and 24th Street. Phase I, a Walgreen's Pharmacy, is already underway. Phase II would involve a building for restaurant or retail that could be divided in half for two merchants. The setback would allow for a sidewalk cafe should a restaurant go there. Sidewalk cafes for restaurants are strongly encouraged under Resort Area design guidelines.

Finally, two city franchises are in the process of being awarded anew. Bids are now in for an operator for the Resort Area's public parking lots and parking garages. Also the beach rentals contract will soon be open for bids.

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