Thursday, January 14, 2010

For A Chuckle

You'll want to check out Bill DeSteph's website at To point out the obvious, you don't put up a website unless you plan to run for reelection. There are some things I noticed:

1. Under "Photos", there's neither:

a. a picture of him in the infamous genie costume. (Don't worry, Bill: that photo will air again later in 2010.)

b. a picture of Robert Dean pulling his puppet strings. (They must have been airbrushed out.)

2. Under "Council Initiatives" he has a piece on the City Budget. While some of it might be useful, note that DeSteph includes items that are a pittance in a $1.9 billion budget but that are highly politically charged. (Can you say "political grandstanding"? I thought you could.)

3. Nothing under "About Bill" as of this evening. You can't write your own bio off the top of your head?

4. Note that among the items included in the crawling pictures at the top of the website are things that were opposed by his closest political allies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

According to his photos section:

1. He supports a holiday known as "Verterans Day."

2. He wants to be a lumberjack when he grows up.