Thursday, January 21, 2010

TRAC January 20, 2010

Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) Transit Riders Advisory Committee (TRAC) met Wednesday evening at HRT's administrative offices in Norfolk.

Noting recent events at and surrounding the agency, TRAC Chairman Henry Ryto spoke on what he felt TRAC's role should be during a possible transition to a new CEO brought in from outside the agency. He believes that TRAC will need to acclimate the new CEO to Hampton Roads' bus riding culture, and try to prevent too much of a jolt to it at once so as to not disillusion passengers.

Recruitment for TRAC was discussed, with members and Staff asking questions and sharing their perspectives. Also, there are two new possible members waiting in the wings, one each from Hampton and Portsmouth. The insider cards to promote membership to those riding the buses now await the TDCHR approving the expenditure for printing.

The backlog in answers to inquiries from TRAC members was dealt with in full. In addition discussion flowed from the questions that had been asked.

Finally, the latest report on customer complaints was distributed to TRAC members.

The next scheduled meeting for TRAC is March 17 at HRT headquarters in Hampton at 6 P.M.

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Ron said...

Perhaps our bus culture needs a shock, with light rail it is time for a fundamental shake up in the way buses are ran.