Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Aal Izz Well" In Suffolk

On Tuesday I watched 3 Idiots, an awesome Indian-made comedy. After it and Kurbaan, I'm starting to agree with the person who told me Bollywood makes better movies than we do.

On Wednesday I went to Suffolk to ride their bus system again. I had been previously to see it after it was reintegrated into Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) this Spring (Riding HRT In Suffolk,
May 11, 2009) and just after HRT made changes to standardize service there this Summer (Change Begins In Suffolk, August 19, 2009). It appears that the best case scenario has happened: not only did I hear zero serious bus service complaints, but ridership looked the best of any of my three trips there. The only problems I encountered were a couple operational issues not related to the changes. That was after riding all four Suffolk routes.

After what HRT has been through the past few weeks, great to have some good news for a change. It had me thinking of the main song from 3 Idiots, Aal Izz Well.

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