Monday, December 10, 2007

Disability Backlog

The following story appeared in The New York Times and was reprinted in today's Virginian-Pravda.

I myself have received Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) for 15 years now. I won it on appeal, and the 1992 appeal took just over a month. Now read what's become of the system. What's so crucial about the disability payments is work clearance with such a condition. In my case, I had doctor's orders not to work for six months. For many, they never will be able to return to full-time work. It's the payments that cover the bills.

Two things need to be done here:

1. Hire the additional appeals judges.

2. Change the rules for the original cases. If two-thirds are winning on appeal (like I did), obviously the original case standards are too burdensome. That would lessen the number of appeals that need to be heard.

I wish this story had appeared two days earlier. As my Congressperson, Thelma Drake, was at the Light Rail Groundbreaking, I would have given her an earful.

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