Friday, December 21, 2007

2007 Christmas List

It's time to hand out my Christmas presents for 2007:

1. Bob Dyer - reelection next November without a challenge from a developers' puppet. (Bob can fend off a Deaniac easily.)

2. VBTA - realization that the political universe doesn't revolve around reducing the Property Tax rate. People are unhappy about it, but they care about many more issues.

3. Rosemary Wilson - we have a mutual hatred society, but I care even less for the Deaniacs. With VBTA Vice Chair Bob Hedrick already announced as a challenger, I'll write the first attack ad for Rosemary.

The Deaniacs have been over-the-top on Virginia Beach's workforce housing program, which you'll try to take credit for. (Kind of like Al Gore inventing the Internet....) An ad with a picture of a concerned family huddled around. The caption, "All They Want Is A Good Home. Bob Hedrick Thinks That's A Marxist Conspiracy." In the body of the ad, explain the program and quote the Deaniac rhetoric.

4. Daun Hester - success running for reelection in May, if you wish. It's obvious Norfolk's downtown establishment doesn't like you - which is reason enough for the residents to vote for you. (Not to mention for Mayor in 2010.)

5. Reid Greenmun - voted our biggest civic embarassment on this blog, I give him anger management classes. Maybe if he calms down, he'll come across sane politically.

6. Sam Reid - persevernace for the incoming CCO President. The office has become a hot seat, with no recent President living up to expectations.

7. Billy Almond - former RAC Chairman and Chair of the RAC's Planning/Design Review Committee. He alone deserves credit for pushing Virginia Beach into the ongoing Resort Area Master Plan process.

For Billy: an apartment in one of those mixed-use developments in the Resort Area once built.

8. Chris Stolle - a map of my home Aragona Precinct. Carolyn Weems won with 57% here; Joe Bouchard won with 56% here. Chris obviously doesn't know the place.

9. Wawa - more transit-convienent locations in Hampton Roads. Drivers know them for their cheap gasoline. However, Wawa is also a great break for bus riders with clean restrooms, drinks, and good food.

10. Transit riders - that Norfolk's Light Rail Starter Line continues to run under budget, and that Virginia Beach commission a Study for Newtown Road - Dome site in 2008.

Merry Christmas. And don't forget to go to Christmas Mass.

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