Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Talking Past Each Other

At this morning's meeting of the TPO's Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC), a City of Norfolk Staffer mentioned that they already had their first charette on the Harbor Park multimodal facility. I was elated. In Virginia Beach, a "charette" is a public meeting where residents can chime in on land planning issues.

After adjournment I went over to speak to him. It turns out that it had simply been Staff doing some initial conceptualizing.

One of the reasons we can't communicate as a region: we can't even use the word "charette" to mean the same thing.

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Anonymous Coward said...

This Harbor Park facility in three words: Tacoma Dome Station (Local bus, Express bus, 'Hound, Trailways, Amtrak, Commuter rail, Streetcar, and over 2,000 free parking spaces for Park & Ride usage)