Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Riddick Nominated For TDCHR Chairman

Today the Executive Committee of the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads (TDCHR) nominated Norfolk City Councilman Paul Riddick to serve as Chairman in FY 2011. WAVY-TV had a video report, which I'll embed below.

Where did you hear this story first? Try Paul Riddick To TDCHR Chairman?, May 4 on this blog. Avenging Archangel: bringing issues to you before most people even realize that they're issues.

For the transitphobes who will try to hide behind Riddick to attack any transit improvements, let me point out that the need for much better mass transit in Hampton Roads isn't predicated on which personality holds the TDCHR gavel.

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Anonymous Coward said...

You'll see this only on WAVY-LIAR-10

I don't really like Paul (is he good buddies with James "Big Mouth" Holley or something?)