Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July Service Changes Open Thread

Anonymous Coward wanted a discussion of the Route 36 evening service once the schedule went public. It and other new schedules are now on Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) website.

In other local mass transit news:

1. Tonight is the public meeting at the Town Center Westin on the Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study (VBTES). It's from 6-8 P.M., with the Presentation at 6:15.

2. Tomorrow is the deadline for Wally Erb's VBTA front group to turn in their ballot petitions to the Voter Registrar to try to force a light rail referendum on the November ballot.

First, I've already promised another mass transit advocate that I'll rip them on this blog when the petition drive falls short. (That's why I put the Ben Jealous quote below the banner: a poke at the Flat Earthers will go on the banner.) Second, if anyone wants to join me, I plan to be at Knucklehead's Roadhouse early Friday evening to celebrate the defeat of the reactionary coup attempt.

Anyone want to start a pool on how many signatures they fall short?


Anonymous Coward said...

Thank-you Henry. All I can say is that I got what I needed for the 36: take the 20 at night then not "just miss" the 36 at the Mall.

As for other routes I'm familiar with: I see the 962 doesn't stop-short at County & Court and I don't see the 108/116 split.

I see your favorite route is split into the 13 and 14. I was under the impression that they would be two different routes, but looking at the schedule, there's an inbound 13 trip from Robert Hall at 7:15 that doesn't have a corresponding outbound trip arriving at 7:15 (maybe it's being handled by one of the other buses that's going out of service - I was under the impression the 14 was so that Campostella Rd wouldn't get held up by the Great Bridge Bridge).

I read on FB that out by TCC they are planning "Bloody Murder" for mucking up the 26/29 connection at the Mall (hey, sorry the loop isn't counter-clockwise :::snicker:::), but I understand the problems with the 29 (which I thought was going to be removed from Mill Dam).

The 5 Willoughby: I think it needs to A) be on the other end of the hour at Butts & J and B) needs one more outbound evening trip - I would have the last trip from Evelyn Butts & J be 7:15 PM

Jessica Clark said...

The first STB-style Open Thread and it's about my Va Beach family's bus route :)

So, what exactly convinced HRT to take its first baby step into evening bus service in Va Beach?

I noticed that in the evening, the schedule does go a bit haywire compared to daylight hours (explanation anyone?), but this looks like a good first step.

Avenging Archangel said...


HRT didn't need to be convinced; they've wanted evening service in Virginia Beach all along. The hitch has been getting the City of Virginia Beach Management Services (our Budget department) to pay for it.

The staggered evening departures are largely about class dismissals at TCC. The last evening classes don't get out until 10 P.M. Therefore, to keep the 36 at the standard :48 departure would require an additional evening run. The last bus leaves at 10:12 for students coming out of those 10 P.M. classes.

BTW, I have STB bookmarked, but rarely go there. (Just did this weekend.) I've only been to Seattle twice, at that was changing planes to/from Anchorage. Given such, most of the local references go past me.

Sean Johnson-Maven (aka Shadowrider257) said...

Why isn't the 108/116 change mentioned, but the Riverside transfer point change -which was announced over a month ago- is?

Avenging Archangel said...


Ask HRT.

BTW, the new Riverside TC is a POS. Little roadway nowhere, with nothing but backs of buildings facing bus passengers.

Anonymous said...


Avenging Archangel said...

STB = Seattle Transit Blog

Jessica Clark said...

Then you haven't been to Seattle before

Our airport (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) is in SeaTac, Washington - NOT Seattle.

Oh, and our airport has a DEDICATED LIGHT RAIL STATION!! (SeaTac/Airport)

Anonymous Coward said...

WOO-HOO!! Have fun Henry