Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 2010 Dance Card Is In

The next 5 months will make for some fun blog fodder. 14 candidates have filed for the Virginia Beach City Council, and we have some interesting matchups.

Bayside District

Who is George Furman? I've never heard of him. Wouldn't know him if he walked up to me. However, he's now Louis Jones first challenger in a few election cycles. Having an one-on-one at least gives him a possible chance.

Beach District

John Uhrin is unopposed. You can spend plenty of time with your hotels, John.

Lynnhaven District

I was told a couple weeks ago that the VBTA was trying to get Bob Hedrick's widow into this race. It doesn't matter: Jim Wood will easily make roadkill of Toni Hedrick.

Princess Anne District

PA can produce some great matchups and this is no exception. Probably the most exciting contest this year will be Tanya Bullock's challenge of Barbara Henley. I'll admit it: I'm pulling for Tanya. After all, I was a two-time Jim Reeve voter.


I had planned to go down this candidate by candidate. However, the gang that can't shoot straight strikes again: Bill DeSteph, Wally Erb, and John Moss all filing At-Large?!? What the...?!? They want to hopelessly split the raging lunatic vote? I thought Moss couldn't run At-Large with DeSteph without diluting, but now Erb is also in the mix. Go figure.

I'll disclose here: I was Issues and Research person for Andrew Jackson in Kempsville District in 2008, and he's asked me to help him again. There's definitely one of my two votes.

Dave Redmond has been our Planning Commissioner here in Bayside District, and has been a Facebook Friend of mine. I've long looked at him as being Louis Jones' heir apparent in Bayside, but now he's running At-Large. I wish him well, even though we disagree sharply on a few issues.

I've never voted for Rita Sweet Bellitto in any of her three times on the ballot and don't plan to start now.

James Cabiness just moved here from Chesterfield County a couple years ago and his no solid base of his own. Little chance.

VBTA Eunuchs

With 2010 the last shot for the VBTA to make even a half-baked run for Council seats, you would have thought they'd play their cards much smarter. If they really wanted to go for it, they could have attacked aggressively.

First, Great Neck resident Bill DeSteph could have run for the Lynnhaven District seat instead of running At-Large again. That would have given him a good chance to posture for the things he claims to support.

Second, how did they miss the chance in Beach District? In TDCHR Commissioner and RAC Liaison John Uhrin, they had the opportunity to go front burner on light rail and Resort Area policy in the same race.

Finally, Bayside resident John Moss stays home and challenges Louis Jones.

We knew the VBTA had no brains. Now we know the VBTA has no cojones.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. I think the VBTA is showing its total lack of relevance.

This wanna-be Tea Party group was dealt a near-fatal blow when Loyola lost.

And I agree with most of your picks.

Unknown said...

Pretty work Henry....