Saturday, October 3, 2009

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Is Jewish

Astonishing. Experts have examined a closeup of a photo of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad taken at the March, 2008 Iranian election. He's holding up his identity papers. The papers reveal that he was originally named Sabourijan, which means "weaver of the Sabour". In Persia, the talit (the Jewish prayer shawl) is known as a sabour.

Analysts believe his Holocaust denial and strident anti-Israeli statements are probably an attempt to overcompensate for his Jewish roots.

H/T to The Virginian.

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Max Shapiro said...

There is a difference between hating Jews and saying no jews died in the holocaust and saying what Ahmadinejad had repeatedly said. He stands against Zionist, which is strident nationlism exhibited by Israel that dominates America's foreign policy and finnancial interests. He is also saying the Holocaust did not happen as our history books would have us believe. Despite what the media tells you, these people are not denying the holocaust. Their theory is that somewhere between 1-2 million Jews were killed, the rest being deported to Palistine and elsewhere.

Being Jewish, I can say I cannot stand the state of Israel and the war crimes they commit. I have done much research into the holocaust and there are some fairly large holes as far as prima facie evidence is concerned that make it hard for me to believe the official story. Obviously there were concentration camps, but 6 million systematically killed in the last 18 or so months of the war as we are told? This seems not so true. The Zionists control our media, our finnancial systems and our foreign policy; be wary of anything they try to sell you.