Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comp Plan Photo Police

Yesterday I was skimming Virginia Beach's new draft Comprehensive Plan. There were a couple bus photos in the Policy Document that caught my eye:

Page 18

There's a photo of the bus on Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) Route 72...sitting at the Suffolk Bus Plaza. That's right: the 72 runs from the Suffolk Bus Plaza to Paul D. Camp Community College and back. (What's a Suffolk bus photo doing in our Comp Plan?!?)

Page 116

There's a photo of Bus 2016 on Route 33 Outbound. Okay, they did get a Virginia Beach route this time.

What's unusual is a low-floor Gillig on the 33. Not in the past 15 months, since the 33's operations were transferred from Southside Base (in Norfolk) to Virginia Beach Base. Even before then, it would have been rare.

Here's the kicker

I was already planning a blog post on those photos. I called Michael Ragsdale of HR Transit Ideas so he could join in the laughs. Instead, I learned the photos were from his Flickr account:

1. The license on the photos prohibits them from being used without proper credit.

2. The City probably also violated Flickr policy, too.


From Michael's blog:

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Michael Ragsdale said...

For reference purposes, the two pictures are:

* Route 72 Holland Rd/Paul D. Camp Community College
* Route 33 General Booth Blvd/Oceanfront

Anonymous said...


Spelling, spelling...

Avenging Archangel said...


Anonymous said...

So the city uses a couple of bus pictures. Big whoop! You sound like a big baby when you cry over it! Who rides buses anyways other than the poor and homeless?

Socialism taking away our cars at its best! No one needs a money sucking bus system anyways: GET A CAR AND STOP COMPLAINING!

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 9:23,

It's telling that you ignore the fringe right's usual target (the Virginia Beach city government) to attack anyone who has the audacity to advocate for mass transit. Besides, if you could comprehend English, you would have read I planned a post on the photos before the property issue ever came up.

Some facts for you:

1. 80% of Hampton Roads residents commute to/from work in Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOVs). Only the fringe right pretends there's anything rational about that.

2. The alternative is to spend hundreds of millions of dollars bulldozing through subdivisions to build new arterial roads. When you come out for the huge tax increase that would take, someone might actually take you seriously. In comparison, buses are cost-effective.

3. Even if you don't ride the bus or - ahem - light rail (hehehe), thank those who do. If you want to drive, or have to drive, mass transit takes cars off the road for you.

4. Federal law requires that we have a "money sucking bus system". Were we to abolish it (as you advocate), we'd lose all our Federal roads money. (Yeah, you're some kind of Transportation genius - NOT!)

Please refrain from posting such Flat Earth garbage on my blog, instead save it for your next VBTA cross burning.