Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Community Summit 2009 Feedback

On Tuesday morning sheets with the written-up and tallied resident feedback from Monday night's Community Summit were presented. The following were the top vote getters among the suggestions.


1. Town Center

2. Oceana NAS and BRAC

3. Convention Center

4. Oceanfront Upgrades

5. Quality of Life (Cultural Arts)

6. Schools: Buildings & Accreditation

7. Recreation Centers

8. 31st Street Corridor

9. Light Rail

10. Virginia Aquarium Expansion


1. City Revenues and Services

2. Transportation: Public, Mass, Light Rail, Multimodal

3. Road Maintenance

4. Preservation of Aging Neighborhoods

SERVICE EVALUATION (Reduction, Elimination, or Privatization)

1. Solid Waste Management

2. Landscaping Service

3. Recreation Centers

4. Education - Schools Funding Formula & Schools Consolidation

5. Animal Shelter

6. Treasurer/Commissioner of Revenue


1. Hotel & Meal Tax

2. User Fees

3. Real Estate Tax Increase

4. Highway Tolls

5. Solid Waste Fee

6. Charge for Beach Entertainment/Events/Festivals

7. Sale of City Properties and Buildings (Parks, Recreation Centers)

Yes, VBTAers, 6 of 13 tables voted out a real estate tax increase as a priority. Yet more evidence of how out-of-touch you are....

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Anonymous said...

After seeing the light rail vehicles on the tracks in Norfolk, I think the main priority fr Virginia Beach is to extend the Tide as soon as possible.