Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009-2010 City Council Priorities

Early this afternoon the Virginia Beach City Council voted out their priorities for the coming year.


Top Priority

1. Landfill/SPSA

2. Tax Rate: Direction and Debt Limit

9. Roads Funding

10. Transportation and Light Rail : Strategy and Public Engagement

12. Lynnhaven Parkway Project (Phase XI)

High Priority

5. Northampton Corridor (Burton Station)

8. Land Uses for Business Development Review: Light Rail Corridor

13. Lesner Bridge: Design and Funding

16. Western Bayside Recreation Center

20. Dome site direction

Moderate Priority

4. Alternative Energy Report

11. Shore Drive Improvement Project

24. Major Community Projects: evaluation and direction (That's the 10 project list)


Top Priority

1. Total Compensation Policy - Direction

3. Federal Stimulus Dollars: Strategy and Projects

4. Military Initiatives

5. Energy Related Business Attraction Strategy

7. FAA Radar Issue Resolution

12. Economic Development: alternative funding model, matrix, and funding level.

High Priority

2. Green Initiatives: Actions

6. Alternative Field/OLF and Night Training (Oceana NAS)

8. Pattern Book for Neighborhood Preservation: Development, Funding

9. Dredging for Navigable Waterways (Western Branch of the Lynnhaven River)

10. Sand/Beach Replenishment

11. Form Based (Zoning) Code: Development, Policy Direction

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